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Swans are found throughout the history, mythology, folklore and symbolism of many cultures across the globe. This book provides an account of the history of birds in Ireland focusing on evidence of swans in Ireland over the past 18,000 years, together with a discussion of how the image of the swan has permeated history, art, language and symbolism up to the present day. Swans are a recurring theme in European mythology and storytelling, providing a tangible link between Ireland’s past and the culture of northern Europe, and this is reflected in the influence of these animals on Irish art up to the present day. Practical issues of protecting and preserving swans are addressed, raising awareness of how and where they live, and how their habitat provides an environment suitable for wildlife.


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Jason Bolton
jasonbolton Ireland
I began my professional career as an archaeologist, studying buildings and maritime archaeology. I soon became fascinated with architectural conservation and how historic buildings, monuments, sites and their materials failed, and what could be done to preserve them. I was educated in TCD, DIT and UCD in Ireland, with additional specialist training in architectural conservation in Venice, Athens and Lisbon. If you would like more information about research, analytical and diagnostic services just drop me an email and I would be happy to talk to you: Or for further information on architectural conservation services see

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