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The Hidden Soul wants you to come and experience what New York City is calling insanely brilliant. Paris, France is saying it's boldly intriguing and Las Vegas has named it a jackpot masterpiece. Buckle your seatbelt as your eyes discover the secrets of what is hidden and your heart explores the truth behind the soul. Open up your mind and ride what people are saying is #1 for its time. Passionately pick a page and let the words lay their eggs so your warm emotions may cause the hidden soul to breakthrough. This adventure could be dangerous so please read with caution.


Sobre o autor

DeMarcus Reed
I am one who lives for adventure in extremely boring places.

Data de publicação  06 de abril , 2010

Dimensões  Bolso  144 páginas Impressão em preto e branco (em papel bege sem revestimento)

Categoria  Poesia

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Sharon33 diz

Hidden Soul is one of the most bold and extreme books I've ever read!
It definitely cuts the deepest parts of the heart depending on which poem relates to what you're going through at the time.
Thank you for changing my life with mere words.

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