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A collection of furniture designs, some realised, some imagined, inspired by boat design, the human form, architecture and organic growth patterns.


Sobre o autor

Tierney Haines Architects
sod145 Dublin, Ireland

Stephen Tierney is an Irish architect and design tutor at University College Dublin

Data de publicação  14 de abril , 2010

Dimensões  Quadrado pequeno  100 páginas   Papel Premium, acabamento fosco

Categoria  Arquitetura

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flolilo diz

Waoo! I find that photography here, has a beautiful conversation with the designs of shapes and volumes weaven by lovely graphic layouts. It's light and powerful.

and great furniture too!

publicado às 28/nov às 18:58 (GMT -7)


ArnikFFM diz

Absolutely fantastiv! Congratulations!

Thanks for sharing your work !

publicado às 14/nov às 02:56 (GMT -7)


Ritch diz

You produce some very inspirational designs and find your inspiration in some of my favorite designers of the past (long live Ponti!). Are your pieces in production or available for purchase? (Particularly Bowl, Player, Trip and SECTION!?) thank you. Ritch (RhDesign, Massachusetts, Miami)

publicado às 17/ago às 03:38 (GMT -7)


nickihug diz

beautiful...i want to buy some

publicado às 01/jul às 18:50 (GMT -7)


pmptworks diz

Great Design, beautiful!!!!!

publicado às 01/maio às 06:53 (GMT -7)


vscott diz

Amazing book, you have very beautiful work.

publicado às 27/abr às 06:14 (GMT -7)

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