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In an effort to help support myself threw art school, I have starting putting together photo books. Any support is greatly appreciated. This first book is made up of personal fine art work. individual signed prints are available from the book as well, and can be requested at

Thank you so much
Brian m.


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Brian McQuain
himynameis honolulu, hawaii, usa
Born and raised in Honolulu Hawaii, I have developed a unique perspective on life and try to share it threw my photography.

Data de publicação  05 de outubro , 2010

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himynameis diz

Thanks so much. I will be putting together book of my studio work soon and I gotta say, my in-studio and out of studio work are total polar opposites stylistically!

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OCipriano diz

Great photos :)

Osvaldo Cipriano

publicado às 22/out às 13:56 (GMT -7)


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