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This piece started within Year Zero Foundation at Salford University, and completed within Year One Visual Arts.

The film can be found at
The sound is to reflect my time during the year this project has taken to complete. The audio has been recorded in Stockport, Manchester, Salford, my back garden, at Train stations, at Metro stations, at lectures, at my leisure.

The walk starts at Trinity Bridge (The Lowry Hotel), Salford (53º 28' 38.41" - 2º 15' 03.43"), and ends at Piccadilly Station, Manchester (53º 28' 38.41" - 2º 13' 50.37"). The shots are taken at random with an iPhone 3G, as quickly as it would let me.

The Photographs have not been tampered with, no retouching, no messing, just how they came out of the camera.


Sobre o autor

Robert James Maclese
maclese Cheshire, Great Britain

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