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The Summer of Love, as discovered in 1990 by a student working in a burger restaurant.

Andy is not very experienced sexually. The last relationship was back in the first year of university and finished with her dumping him over the summer vacation. Girls didn't really exist in the second year. He didn't approach them, they didn't approach him. All in all, it's not what most people think of as the university experience.
Stuck for work one summer later, rather than going home, he stays put and looks for a real job. Fast food wasn't the area he had imagined, but it would bring some money in if not boost his self-esteem.
After an initial sexual encounter gives him back his confidence, he finds everyone jumping on him. Literally.
But then he craves more. And gets less.

This is an easy going comedy-drama, with Andy finding fun and heartbreak along the way, but mainly confusion...

*** Exciting news: this is now available for the Kindle via Amazon ***
*** The imaginatively titled sequel, Things Still Looking Up has been released digitally and will be available here shortly ***


Sobre o autor

Andy Everitt
Penfold0003 Heysham, Lancashire, UK

Data de publicação  02 de novembro , 2010

Dimensões  Comercial  346 páginas Impressão em preto e branco (em papel bege sem revestimento)

Categoria  Literatura e ficção

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