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Mystic Journeys: Paintings 1994-2010 documents the artist's creative journey to explore an emotional, spiritual and in a sense, literal reality, a reality that lies deep beneath the superficial appearance of things. The mystical reality of the ocean within. Giles’ approach to painting is intuitive, spontaneous and inspirational. He paints because he is driven to uncover a hidden narrative, as though he is using painting to peer into the depths of the unconscious. Thus, Giles looks at his paintings like he remembers his dreams. They are his paintings but they are from his unconscious. They are not consciously controlled.

Profoundly mystical and deeply meditative, Giles' work invites us to peer through to a deeper reality, to dis-cover inner worlds. Worlds which can speak to us of something of which we maybe, at the corner of our mind, afraid or apprehensive but which we cannot take our eyes, or at least the inner eye, of our imagination, off. These worlds are created by Giles from his artistic freedom, the freedom to express unhindered, as Giles puts it, "the ocean that lies within: The ocean that connects us to each other, to all life and to the distant stars, the ocean of the oceanic."


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David Giles
davidartist1 Perth, Western Australia
Cited by the Sunday Times as, “One of Australia’s most exciting contemporary painters” David Giles has twenty art awards and thirty three solo exhibitions to his name. Exhibiting since 1994, Giles has shown in New York, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne and throughout Western Australia. Now represented in numerous collections worldwide, Giles also teaches politics, philosophy, history and creative arts at Murdoch University. A former Director of the Victoria Park Centre for the Arts, Giles is currently Chair of the Freedom School, a professional development program for practicing and aspiring artists. Listed as a WA Leader for his “achievements, leadership and contribution to the community,” Giles has been artist in residence at Heathcote Cultural Centre, 58-60 Duncraig Rd in Applecross, Western Australia since 2004. Hosted by Challenger TAFE WA Centre for Adult Education the David Giles studio is open every Sunday 10am to 4pm when you can meet the artist and see him at work.

Data de publicação  05 de dezembro , 2010

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