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The two stories in this book were done as part of my entry in the Fiction Project 2011 exhibition. The first story is of a magician's rabbit who is more magical than his master could ever imagine. In the second story, a group of mice make a map of a piano for a rather unmusical purpose.

The title is from the theme of the work I entered in the Fiction Project 2011. Major events in both stories take place at night, so I felt the title fit the work perfectly.


Sobre o autor

Paul McCloskey
paulbmc Central Pennsylvania, United States

Data de publicação  01 de junho , 2011

Dimensões  Quadrado pequeno  24 páginas Papel Premium, acabamento fosco

Categoria  Crianças

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paulbmc diz

Thank you. I'm glad you like it.

publicado às 09/jul às 18:04 (GMT -7)


sherriliz diz

Loved this story and the drawings are wonderful.

publicado às 08/jul às 08:36 (GMT -7)


paulbmc diz

Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you like the book. The illustrations were hand drawn using pencil, charcoal, and pastel for some touches of color. I've tried using Photoshop, but I miss the tactile feel of a pencil or brush in my hand too much.

Thanks again -

publicado às 26/jun às 16:11 (GMT -7)


sayre4 diz

I love your little book! The illustrations are fantastic. How did you create them? Were they hand drawn or computer generated?

publicado às 25/jun às 12:24 (GMT -7)


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