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A photography book of animal closeups at the Oklahoma City Zoo. A year long project focused on bringing out the primal quality of each animal that cannot be seen from a distance. Over 50 hi-resolution images.


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Imran Azhar

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WallyRev24 diz

Impressive job Imran! My personal favorite is the Rainbow Lorikeet!

publicado às 09/ago às 23:01 (GMT -7)


saidazhar diz

Great job son. We just got our copy and Ammi and I both enjoyed the book. The photos clearly show your love for the animals and in many of them it even looks like you talked the animals into posing for you!

publicado às 09/ago às 19:38 (GMT -7)


dwightscott diz

As the director of the Oklahoma City Zoo, I want to thank you for doing such a wonderful job capturing the beauty of the animals. It is difficult enough to capture the external beauty of the animals in a photograph, but to reveal insight into their behavior, as you have done, is inspiring.

publicado às 08/ago às 09:40 (GMT -7)


longworth diz

Your photos are amazing! The time and patience to get each animal
in just the right light and pose just shows what a great photographer
you are!! Awesome job Imran!

publicado às 29/jul às 19:29 (GMT -7)


parvin diz

Great job Imran, your pictures are beautiful. They are definetely worthy of National Geographic! Amazing detail and very professionally shot, very impressed

publicado às 29/jul às 17:04 (GMT -7)


imranazhar diz

Thanks Carlene, I'm so happy I could share this experience with all my friends! It's been a lot of fun making the book.

publicado às 28/jul às 20:46 (GMT -7)


imranazhar diz

Thank you Angie, I'm so inspired by their beauty! The animals look so happy and healthy thanks to the hard working folks at the zoo! I'm glad you like it.

publicado às 28/jul às 20:42 (GMT -7)

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