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This book explores some of our favorite travel pictures rendered in Black and White to bring out new textures and meanings.


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Catamount Imaging
CtmntImgng Vermont, USA

We are a husband and wife pair of photo enthusiasts located in Vermont's Upper Connecticut River Valley who enjoy both local and travel photography.

Data de publicação  14 de julho , 2011

Dimensões  Paisagem de formato grande  76 páginas Papel Premium, acabamento lustroso

Categoria  Turismo

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CtmntImgng diz

Thanks very much O5irls. We're enthusiasts looking everywhere for guidance and energy and your comments are much appreciated!

publicado às 10/mar às 16:56 (GMT -7)


O5iris diz

Congratulations on your book. It's beautiful and very well made :)

publicado às 10/mar às 15:30 (GMT -7)


CtmntImgng diz

Thanks tsleggs - this book started as an effort to try truly reflecting our own design ideas in a photo book. The rather spare approach to the layout is actually what inspired the idea of leaving color out (nearly) althogether. Thanks for the kind words!

publicado às 04/ago às 03:14 (GMT -7)


tsleggs diz

I absolutely love the way you have presented your photos - with the careful selection of title, descriptions and often a bonus photo thrown in! Great book!

publicado às 04/ago às 03:11 (GMT -7)


CtmntImgng diz

Thanks DAB4Y - that's pretty much exactly what happened to us!

publicado às 03/ago às 19:30 (GMT -7)


DAB4Y diz

You are making me take another look at my black and white photography. Thanks!

publicado às 03/ago às 09:50 (GMT -7)


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