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"LOve: Volume 2 The Romance" is the 2nd Book in this 5 Volume Series, and it's honestly my "BEST WORK to DATE" & the 3 books to follow will only continue to get Better and Better... This book features all Romantic & Erotic Poems, along with a few Encouraging & Motivational Quotes, & Some ABSOLUTELY AMAZING Pictures as well as a Few Surprises... So why not buy a copy for yourself, your friends, your family, your loved one's, & anyone else you believe it may Encourage!!!



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D. Michael Granger Productions Ltd.
DeonMichael1 Chicago, Illinois
I have always been out-spoken, extremely silly, & unconditionally loving towards people, even when my motives were misunderstood. I began playing musical Instruments at the age of 6 & singing was something I grew up in & around constantly, whether in church or thru my Grandparents/Parents & their LOve of all types of music from Gospel to Jazz, Funk and R&B, Calypso, Big Band, Classical, Opera, the Blues, Country, & so much more, So it was only a natural progression that I began to write music myself, because it has been in me since birth. I began writing music & poetry at age 12 because I didn’t know how to verbally express what it was I was really feeling at that age, well maybe I did but I was somewhat afraid to actually express that because I wasn’t an adult & felt it wasn’t often times the best thing to do outside of my own Home where that was openly accepted to always be expressive! I developed a knack for expressing things musically & verbally in a way that relates intimately

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