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Picturia Press
sanadoo San Francisco Bay Area, United States, Boston, New York

Picturia Press has designed well over 500 unique books and 1,000's of book sales for our worldwide Blurb customers both for professional use and personal entertainment.

NOTE: Some of the books we've designed are in our clients' portfolio on Blurb, not in ours. To see ALL OF OUR BOOKS, please visit our website at:

We have extensive experience in graphic design, photo editing/retouching, copy writing and editing, and typography. Let us help you turn your artwork, photography, sales and promotion materials, wedding books, cookbooks, and other valuable keepsakes into beautiful books. From beginning to end we will work with you to achieve your vision and tell your story. Visit our site and blog for in-depth view of our books and customer feedback. Affordable, professional and experienced.

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