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Nepal is a country marked by contrasts. From the splendour of the Himalayan Ranges to the simple beauty of a red sari glimpsed along a dusty street, beauty can be found among all facets of this culture.
Tradition and modernity exist side by side, faith and community are elevated in modern society, while a thriving tourist industry exists alongside the harsh realities of life for the majority of the country's inhabitants.
'Visions of Nepal' documents a three month journey through this fascinating country, capturing the moments that make up everyday life for its citizens, the warmth and generosity of the Nepali people and the small moments of joy that are found in a country facing many challenges.
This collection of images aims to capture the soul of a vibrant country, as well as encourage reflection on the similarities and differences between the world's cultures that are outwardly so disparate, yet share so much.


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Data de publicação  22 de julho , 2012

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