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March 2001. Oceane is going on 3. She is playing with her figurines...
- That is the Grandma. She is taking care of the mother and the baby...
- She is? Why?
- Because the mother broke her arms and now she has to stay with her daddy.
- So, where is the Grandpa?
- He's gone fishing with his friend Gaby.
March 2009. Oceane is going on 11. For her birthday, her Grandpa has invited her to join him and his friend Gaby on a fishing trip. Now that her arms are fixed, her mother is taking the pictures. This story is settle in Florida.
This book is about real people, real events and real time. It is a peaceful celebration of life, family, friendship and love.
Hope you enjoy!


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Martine Doucet
martinedouce Montreal, Quebec, Canada
I am a french speaking photographer from Montreal, Canada. More on me on my web site

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neeciebreaux diz

Beautiful work, Martine, but I'm not surprised!

Denice Breaux (iStock buddy)

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