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A collection of portfolios containing more than 230 among the best images from Davide Cherubini in big format.
Gloria in Excelsis Deo (light inside churches);
Lux Demonstrat Umbram (light and shadows);
Arte della Fuga (perspective);
Little Oniric World;
Enchanting Scenarios;
Charming Vintage;


Sobre o autor

Davide Cherubini aka Stefano Bertozzi
DavideCherub Roma, Italy
I like to photograph anything that inspires me; I like to find beauty where others don't... because the Beauty, like Verity and Goodness, is an antidote against pessimism, an invite to enjoy life. My photographic effort is therefore devoted to communicate and transmit the Beauty using light, perspective, colour and composition motivated by the passion, by the curiosity, by the patience and by the perseverance. In fact it is the passion and perseverance that drive me to come back more times and at improbable time in the same place waiting for the better light and framing, the most favourable moment o simply to put at ease the subject. I think that photography helps to see what surrounds us, which we often overlook. The camera helps me to avoid this error.

Data de publicação  26 de setembro , 2009

Dimensões  Quadrado grande  240 páginas Papel padrão

Categoria  Fotografia e artes plásticas

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raimonda diz

Beautiful pictures..especially the ones in the church..very deep, very inspiring...congratulations..

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