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You’ve put the finishing touches on your book with Reedsy. Now it’s time to get it out into the world, with a little help from Blurb.
Why Blurb? Why Blurb?

Why Blurb?

From short stories and epic sagas to beautiful photo books and professional magazines, publishing your Reedsy book is easy with Blurb. Upload your PDF with our easy-to-use tool, choose from a range of flexible print options, and get your book in front of customers on Amazon, Ingram, and in the Blurb bookstore.

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  • Great Questions
    A Professional Finish
    From premium paper options to high-end book covers, help your Reedsy book stand out on the shelf with bookstore quality finishing touches.
  • Capture Stories Easily
    Flexible Print Solutions
    Print 1 copy or 1,000. Switch between print on demand, high volume, and offset printing based on your pricing strategy and customer demand. Ordering over 100 copies? Our Client Services team can help.
  • Keep Forever
    Support To Sell Your Book
    Get your Reedsy book out into the world. Set your book up for sale and sell it on demand through Amazon and in the royalty-free Blurb bookstore.

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