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Adriano D'Angelo
Assinante Blurb desde abril 2009
Nome Adriano D'Angelo
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Local Italy
Sexo Masculino
Minha profissão artist and architect
Meu perfil Adriano D’Angelo has participated in numerous exhibitions and competitions, in many of which he have had significant recognitions for your work. He has exhibited his work in public and private spaces, in Italy and abroad.

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Conceptual Architecture
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I produce a heterogeneous workflow: I have created installations, taking photographs, designed furniture , written artist's books, made videos, imagined architectures and landscapes, made drawings, created Web sites, run blogs, produced texts. My work is multifaceted even if I work on a few simple concepts: the ambiguity of the images and their use (political, social, aesthetic and mediatic). The works are significant fragments of a simple, broad and composite balance.