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Esquared a fitness center based in London,with different facilities and lessons for you.Whether you want to work for a gym or work on your own, there are some key signs you will make an awesome personal fitness trainer.
Here are three signs that show you will make a great fitness trainer, personal trainer, or gym trainer.
You Are a Good Teacher
Most lists have a something like “great people skills” and “empathy” on their lists without really getting into what those words mean when it comes to being a personal trainer.
A lot of terms like those fall under interpersonal skills and using those to teach people something you know that they don’t know (yet).
Teaching and enjoying the process is a good sign you would make a great personal trainer. You don’t necessarily need to be some outspoken extrovert. If your teaching ability is top notch is a better indicator of your future success in this field.
Even if you’re not a great teacher now, don’t worry. Teaching is a skill.

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