Armando Cardoso

Lisbon, Portugal

Lives in Lisbon (Portugal)
He was one of the founders of APAF (Portuguese Association for Photographic Art), where he was an executive board member for three mandates, from 1973 till the beginning of the eighties, when he became permanent contributor to the professional magazines “FotoJornal“ and "Revista Nova Imagem".
Participated in several photographic art exhibitions and was co-author of one of the first non commercial slideshows produced in Portugal, in 1979.
In 2002, after having abandoned the photography for over twenty years, got back to this activity, with the re-discovery of the magic of the photographic lab, initially through the computer assisted image manipulation and, more recently, using the "old" traditional analog processes.
He teaches photography at UNISBEN - Universidade Intergeracional de Benfica (Lisboa) .
Author of the book "Myanmar - O Milagre de Viver Sorrindo " (Myanmar-The Miracle of Living Smiling ) edited in 2015
Member of UPP - United Photo Press

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