Athena is a commercial photographer based out of Missoula, Montana. She specializes in contemporary portraits containing energy and moods that request attention. She documents what is there or she creates what she wants. Her playful style mirrors her personality and reflects the way she interacts with the world.
Athena grew up in New Mexico with her hippie parents, dirt roads and friends of all kinds. She received her first camera when she was ten, a Kodak Instamatic of some kind. Her parents wanted her to take photographs of her sister being born. Well, she documented the event too well and most of the photos could not be shared with family and friends. Athena went on to document her punk rock youth and then moved to the other side of the camera for her professional snowboard career. When she was no longer satisfied with her point and shoot photography she moved up to Montana to be with friends, lakes and Rocky Mountain School of Photography. And there, she began where she is now.

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