Babycakes Bikinis

Carlsbad, CA

Babycakes Bikinis was founded in Carlsbad (North San Diego County), California in 2010. Our goal is to design and manufacture sexy, fitted, comfortable, unique, handmade bikinis. With so many swimsuits in the market, the majority are not designed to compliment a woman’s body, but rather are meant to cover up. That’s where Babycakes Bikinis comes into play. Instead of covering up a woman’s main features, Babycakes Bikinis highlights and accessorizes the curves and form of a woman’s figure.

As our goal to design and manufacture a unique quality product, every delicate fabric and trim has been hand selected by Babycakes Bikinis designers. Each bikini is passionately handmade and crafted in California. The styles of these bikinis were constructed to shape a woman’s bottom to add “plump” and sit extremely low in the front in order to lengthen the torso. These features essentially slim one’s figure and gives curves where they should be.

Áreas de especialização

Babycakes Bikinis specializes in designing sexy scrunch bikinis. Some may call it pucker back bikinis, pucker bikinis, scrunch bottom bikinis, scrunch back bikini bottoms, scrunchy bikinis, scrunched swimwear bottoms, ruched bikinis, ruched bottoms, pucker swimwear bottoms, go-go dancing attire, dance wear, exotic bikinis, lace bikinis, lingerie bikinis or even scrunch butt swimwear bottoms. No matter what you call it, we design it!

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