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charles crain
Assinante Blurb desde dezembro 2008
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Local new orleans & scottsdale
Sexo Masculino
Minha profissão photographer
Meu perfil When Charles bought his first Nikon F SLR forty years ago the resulting studies were of derelict architecture, machinery and also street photography - a genre that the New York Times has called,”…shots of everyday people living out their private lives in public”. In this type of portraiture, he has the keen ability to capture life experiences of people reflected in their faces and gestures.

Over time these pursuits continued in 35mm B&W and color slide formats; he then joined the digital revolution in its early stages. The range of his photography has extended from Great Britain to Central America, the Gulf Coast, South Florida and the Western US. A more recent concentration has been character studies with an emphasis on the film & television industry, event portraiture, multi-ethnic cultural studies, documentary series of festivals, markets & the wine-making industry, the built environment and fine art.

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Vou contar um segredo: Acho que meu próximo livro será sobre...
the next installment in my series of "my face my life" - its working title is "my face my life ...exploring diversity"
Todo mundo precisa conhecer esses autores e artistas...
upcoming working trips to document celebrations and the people of:
Miami - Spring 2013
Northern New Mexico - Summer 2013
New Orleans - Summer 2013
New Orleans - Fall 2013
Miami - Spring 2014
Este livro vicia. Leia-o. (Por sua própria conta e risco).
The "my face my life" continuing series is a collection of my ongoing work to celebrate, educate and demonstrate what really makes up the people of this country. It portrays the influences and contributions of the many ethnic groups that are commonly misunderstood and disregarded. It is intended for – schools, galleries, ethnic study centers, regional reception centers and similar venues where it will be the most visible, accessible and useful.