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kodiak xyza
Assinante Blurb desde abril 2012
Nome kodiak xyza
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Local san francisco, california
Sexo Masculino
Minha profissão photographer, writer & applied mathematics
Meu perfil a San Francisco based photographer,
with time through out the year spent abroad,
mainly in Europe.
photography is used as means to a quest,
and the books are about revealing the vision of that quest on the subject.

interests also include concert,
wedding and portrait photography that emphasize elusive moments,
rather than emphasizing the wow and expected moments.

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Vou contar um segredo: Acho que meu próximo livro será sobre...
two books...
iphoneography — photos taken and processed within the confines of an iPhone.
pinhole — using Wanderlust Camera's Pinwide pinhole for micro 4/3rds