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Giuseppe & Gina Menzio
Assinante Blurb desde outubro 2007
Nome Giuseppe & Gina Menzio
Local Rome, Italy
Minha profissão Different ones
Meu perfil Gina and myself have been together now more than 50 years !...
We do not have the same character nor the same interests, at least not all of them... and this may be one reason for the 50 years...
However, for sure we share at least two passions: travelling and taking pictures (also some other I would not mention...).
This is why you will see in our books pictures of persons and places we have visited in these years.
Hope you'll enjoy them.

Coisas que todo mundo pode saber

Vou contar um segredo: Acho que meu próximo livro será sobre...
South of China
and others... (don't put limits!!!)