Rob Grange Photography

Keswick, Cumbria UK

I'm a landscape photographer and a professional wedding photographer. I have lived in the Lake District nearly all my life giving me a true insight into the nature and moods of Cumbria.

I've been a landscape photographer for many years starting with my first camera, a Vivitar SLR, given to me on my 14th birthday. This led to many tours around the Lake District and Cumbria as well as further a field in the UK.

I became a professional landscape photographer in the late nineties and soon found wonderful capabilities in the new science of digital photography allowing me to produce very high quality panoramic landscape photographs with a medium that is still often regarded as inferior for landscape photography. I have kept abreast of the developments in digital photography and the current results are now surpassing film for quality and flexibility.

I became a professional wedding photographer about the same time.

Áreas de especialização

Weddings, Landscape, Arial, Sports, and film making

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