Will Houghton

Bedfordshire, England

Will Houghton was born in Luton, England. He followed a successful business career, where he was employed as an automotive designer, and landlord of his own Inn, to become a full time painter.
His interests in art has been inspired by many great artists as diverse as Degas to Dali, Picasso to Van Gogh and Rembrandt, and so many more.
In 2010 he published an autobiographical account of his life up to 1990.The volume contained over 140 pictures of his works of art.
In 2013 he released "Where's Ted?!" a children's story of a boy in search of his missing Teddy in poetic form.
For 2015, just published, is a volume of 26 poems entitled "The Poetry of Life" depicting emotional situations and world opinions in prose.

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