I'm C.nick a mainly self trained artist. I started seriously drawing at age nine and have never stopped. What got me into art were animated characters, then I started drawing my dogs in an animated style, after that one thing led to another and I started to draw more realistic portraits.

Being an avid reader is what drove me to pursue more complex concepts. The very first "literary book" I read was the "Black Stallion" and it was the book that fuelled the obsession. "Beowulf" was my favourite at ten and was a starting point for me, giving me the idea of portraying my mental pictures in art.

Through years I acquired more mediums and a love of history. Different cultures and eras were constantly being researched and experimented with. Now I've integrated my love for reading and research with my artistic expression.

Fun Fact: I’m a Synesthete (being one makes a big impact on my colour palette)

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