Michelle Wilson

Oklahoma City, USA

Michelle is a South African born writer and illustrator. She ​loves to do both during her daughter’s naptime and early in ​the morning, usually with a cup of hot, milky tea.

Raised on a dairy farm in Northern Natal, a coastal province ​of South Africa, Michelle was exposed to animals such as ​cows, geese, chickens, dogs, cats and more! Training as a ​nurse at 18, she later worked in Intensive Care Units in both ​South Africa and the US looking after tiny babies and ​children. She now works fulltime as a Case Manager. Among ​her other loves is gardening, cooking, baking, being a home ​maker and gardener.

Michelle lives in Oklahoma, USA with her husband, JP and ​daughter Vivienne.

Loving and drawing animals has been a​ lifelong passion and she hopes it brings joy to all her readers,​ big and small!​

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