Gregory James Wyrick

Detroit, MI

Gregory James Wyrick is an author, artist, photographer and musician currently based in Detroit. His written work has been interpreted in various audio and visual forms by international artists through the ongoing ekphrastic project: The Method Learned. ​As a child, he studied under the renowed painter Helen Cunniff. His written work has been featured in Antique Children Literary Journal, PIF Magazine, The Surreal Grotesque and the Into The Valley of Hinnom anthology. His photography and paintings have shown at Odditorium Detroit, Merge Gallery, The Dirty Show, Corpus Illuminate, Poisoned Apples, INK and The Damned Show.​ He has collaborated with countless musicians from around the world and has been featured on a plethora of musical albums and releases.​ A collection of his complete verse, The Method Learned was published in 2012.

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