Charlene Raley-Adams

Texarkana, Texas

Charlene Raley-Adams has always had an interest in nursing from an early age. In her twenties, she worked in a small town hospital. After extensive training from the State of Arkansas and Texas, she became a midwife. In 1986 she opened her first clinic, Red River Maternity Care in Texarkana, Texas. She served from that clinic until 2006 while being a member of the Midwife Association in Arkansas. She went on to practice in Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma for over 30 years. Charlene later pursued an Associate Nursing Degree at Texarkana College at the age of 51. After graduating at age fifty-five in 2006, she started working for Wadley Regional Medical Center as a Registered Nurse up until the present time.

Charlene was baptized and married her husband Wayne at Flower Acres Baptist Church. Later the name was changed to Liberty Ministries International. Here she is walking out her relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ under the pastorate of Johnny and Frieda Murphy.

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