Michael Cordova

Denver, CO, USA

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, I have journeyed across the many faces of different states and continents, and have seen the colorful spectrum of life's magnificent experiences. I have always lived the life of my dreams.

My poetry is a direct expression of the energy that is stored within. The Human Potential.
Ranging from humorous to sad, and from angry to enlightened, my poetry can also be musical, downright hilarious, simple, serene or inspirational. I write from within myself, and whatever thoughts my energy gravitates toward, are captured in my writing, whether it be mood, inspiration, or randomocity.

I plan to continue learning about who I am and what life is all about, and will continue using my writing as a method of doing so, always seeking different ways of expressing my true self to the world.

I am currently a Member of The Attic Writer’s Workshop.

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